ffyouthgroup is our weekly environment for youth in 7th-12th grades.  We want to create an environment for teens that helps them discover their true potential in God’s plan and build strong bonds with other young people on the same quest. 

We want to help youth walk into adulthood prepared for life.

With Jesus, we can be positive influences in the world around us, make wise decisions, and be used to make a real difference.

FFYouth meets on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30pm at the church building.  Most weeks include an interactive game or challenge, a youth-led music-worship time, a Bible-based message, and discussion breakouts where youth are challenged to take personal ownership of the night’s big ideas. Youth can expect opportunities for special trips throughout the year.

6Plus (6th Graders)

At 6Plus, we want to guide kids to really take ownership of their faith.  Is Jesus someone they know about?  Or someone they know?  And, if Jesus is someone they know, how does knowing Jesus really make their life different than it would be without Him?  We also want to communicate that having questions and doubts is part of faith, and that having questions and doubts does not mean their faith is not real.

6Plus leaders share a message in an extremely interactive environment, with small group conversation and gameplay.  Its so popular with some students, that some 7thgraders choose to spend their Sunday mornings with us, which we encourage.  Thus the name, 6Plus.

6Plusers are invited to come to the room during the 5 minute break mid-service on Sunday, approximately 10:20 am.  No check in is necessary.  Just come to Sunday morning service and an announcement will be made at the appropriate time telling you where to go.

Faith Fellowship Youth Group
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