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My Testimony: The Case of the Missing Parrot

| Taylor Tomaselli

Confession time:  I am a crazy bird lady.  

If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically like a crazy cat lady, only ten times weirder. Oh yeah, and with birds instead of cats.

So, in honor of this past week’s National Pets Day, which was last Thursday, I figured I needed to tell you this story.

I currently have three parrots, and I wish I had more. I don’t know what it is about birds, but I am obsessed with them.  They are affectionate, highly intelligent, and hey, they can FLY.  I like bats too, but unfortunately they don’t make great pets from what I hear…it’s a bummer, really.

Anyway, if you don’t know birds well, they may seem like they are all the same.  Well, they are not. They manage to pack HUGE personalities into their little bodies. They are also tremendously sensitive and will often pick and choose who they bond to. It’s not uncommon for a parrot to bond to only one person over the course of their lifetime.  

This is especially true for my Quaker Parrot, Randall. In all of the years I have owned him, I have never found him to be compatible with anybody but me. There is good reason for this.  He doesn’t talk well and he is not by any account, friendly.  He squawks like a jerk when he’s angry and he will bite your finger off if you pet him without permission.

Despite all of this, I have owned him for almost seven years now, and I adore him.

The Robbery

So all of this considered, you can imagine how devastated I was when I came home late one night to find that the unthinkable had happened…Randall had been stolen. 

By some luck, I found that my sweet Green Cheeked Conure, Mila, had narrowly escaped being taken. She is an escape artist after all, and I guess that came in handy for once.

Still, this did not lessen the pain I felt.

Now I know pets aren’t human, but especially when you have no spouse or children, they really are family. I spend hours every day interacting with my birds, talking to them and cleaning up their messes. So when my little green friend went missing, I did everything in my power to get him back. This included internet posts, flyers, and even an interview with 7News to increase public awareness.

But he was nowhere to be found.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have struggled with chronic Lyme disease and depression for years now. And, when I say that this bird helped me through all of that…I really mean it.

Relationships were a challenge to me early on. I tell you this only to highlight the fact that one of the few things I could count on during those years, was coming home to my feathered baby.

And now, I couldn’t count on that anymore.

2 and a half months went by, and the buzz started to fade. People had stopped sharing my missing parrot posts and I even adopted a new bird to help myself move on. I had prayed to God like crazy the first few weeks he went missing, but eventually I prayed less and less.

I had all but given up hope that I would find him.

My Personal Miracle

And then out of the blue, I experienced a miracle.

Just like that, everything changed.

On January 31st, I received a Facebook message from a woman claiming she had my bird.

Now, keep in mind that I been down this road before. People sent pictures, it wasn’t him, and I was back to square one. This happened over and over again.

But this time was different.

Yep. It was really him.

And guess what? The thief was my next door neighbor! No, I don’t know them well, nor did they hold any personal grudges against me (that I know of). And yet, they tried to sell my bird online for $250. I guess sometimes you just can’t predict these things.

Fortunately, the buyer was a kind-hearted person and contacted me after confirming her suspicions. Apparently she had seen one of my missing parrot flyers which were posted all around town!

By 11:00 pm Friday night, I had my feathered baby back.

If you want the full story, go ahead and click on the link below to see my interview with 7News.


Back in Action

It’s been over three weeks!

As you can see, he is doing a fine job of adjusting back to home life. He is happy, he is confident, and most importantly, he is healthy (besides some slight weight loss). In fact, he is pretty much on top of the world. Or, the cage at least.

So be encouraged. I don’t know what you are facing today; whether it be a health issue, a relationship issue, or some other impossible situation…but if you think that God doesn’t care about that situation, well, think again.

God Sees and Hears You

If there is anything I would want you to gain from this story, it would be an understanding of God’s deep, infinite love and omnipotence. There is nothing that escapes his eye, and there is no living being, human or animal, that God does not care for. His love for his creation is real and it is unfathomable.

I don’t know how it’s possible that my parrot is alive and healthy, but he is. He really is. And, the only way I can make sense of it is to give credit where it is due-

Whether I felt it or not, God heard me. He heard my prayers.

And He hears yours too.

There is no need you have that Jesus is unaware of. So if you are struggling today with unbelief, just know that you are not beyond God’s reach. Whether your faith is strong, or you struggle with doubts,

He can and will take care of you.

So decide today, that whatever happens, you will leave your worries, anxieties, and frustration at the feet of Jesus. You may struggle in this area, or maybe you are simply skeptical. That’s ok. But before you choose to accept doubt as your default mode of thinking, I hope you will stop and consider my story.

Choose to take each day, one moment at a time. And, realize that your current circumstances are not final, no matter how difficult they may seem.

Because, who knows? In the blink of an eye, everything could change.

If God loved my little green bird enough to take care of him, I believe he’ll take care of you.

Matthew 10:29-30- “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”


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