We think that what we do for kids may be the most important thing we do as a church.  We want to partner with you in helping them build growing relationships with God and with each other. KidChurch takes place every Sunday.

Baby Nursery

(6 wks – 2 yrs)

We want to provide safe, age appropriate care for your children while you are in the Sunday service. You should have confidence that your little ones are in good hands.  That’s our goal.

Our volunteers will engage with your children in healthy, age appropriate play, feed them, read to them, and change them if needed.  We’re here to partner with you, so whatever is best for your child, please tell us! We’ll make it our aim.

When you come to Sunday service, check in with us at the KidChurch desk.  There we will take down your information and provide you with two security stickers: one for you to keep, with a matching one for your child while they’re under our care.  At the end of the service, just bring your sticker back to the nursery for pickup, and we will update you on how things went.

The Baby Nursery is available for checkins starting at 9:50 am every Sunday morning.

Toddler Nursery

(2 yrs – Preschool: non-reading)

The toddler nursery is a safe, fun place for your children to enjoy while you are in Sunday service. We want your children to feel great about coming to church, and we want you to feel great about bringing them.

We will have oodles of fun engaging your children in healthy play activities, building, stacking, reading stories, even some craft making!  Our main goal for this age group is for your children to understand some very basic ideas: that God made everything, God loves them, and that Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

Please check in with us at the KidChurch desk on your way in.  We will take down your information and provide you with matching security stickers for both you and your child.  When you come back from service, make sure you bring your security sticker with you for pickup, and we’ll update you on how things went!

The Toddler Nursery is available for check in starting at 9:50 am every Sunday morning.


(Preschool: reading – 2nd grade)

KidStart is where we get started with some of the basics.  We want kids to know they can talk to God, that God’s Word is meant to help us make choices, that God can be trusted.

When kids come to the KidStart room, they may often see something very interesting, a skit or a video, or hear an interesting story that will get them thinking about the big idea of the morning.  This always gets us talking and sharing and thinking about a big idea in life.  We then use this opportunity to present one of God’s big ideas for our lives.  Breaking up into smaller groups, children are invited to relate to what was shared in conversation.  Children may want to share stories and observations, or anything they would like others to pray about.  Often, a challenge will be given towards the end of our time, something that will help your child remember what was shared, and inspire them to talk about God’s big ideas with you!

Check in for KidStart by coming to the KidChurch check in desk.

Check in for KidStart is open at 9:45 am every Sunday morning, with KidChurch worship beginning at 10 am.


(3rd – 5th grades)

3-4-5 is a small group-based environment where we build on some of the big ideas we started in KidStart. We want kids to know that they can get to know God by getting to know Jesus and that Jesus wants to be present with them to help them make good choices.  We also want to help kids build strong relationships with eachother, because strong friendships make their faith stronger.

In 3-4-5, leaders share from God’s Word in a way that kids can relate the ideas to their lives.  We break into small groups, and get kids talking and sharing aboiut what it would be like to believe these big ideas.  We ask kids to pray for each other.

3-4-5ers can check in at the KidChurch desk Sunday morning starting at 9:50 am.


(6th Graders)

At 6Plus, we want to guide kids to really take ownership of their faith.  Is Jesus someone they know about?  Or someone they know?  And, if Jesus is someone they know, how does knowing Jesus really make their life different than it would be without Him?  We also want to communicate that having questions and doubts is part of faith, and that having questions and doubts does not mean their faith is not real.

6Plus leaders share a message in an extremely interactive environment, with small group conversation and gameplay.  Its so popular with some students, that some 7thgraders choose to spend their Sunday mornings with us, which we encourage.  Thus the name, 6Plus.

6Plusers are invited to come to the room during the 5 minute break mid-service on Sunday, approximately 10:20 am.  No check in is necessary.  Just come to Sunday morning service and an announcement will be made at the appropriate time telling you where to go.

Our mission is:

“To Know Christ and to Make Him Known”

Faith Fellowship Christian School

Did you know that in addition to Sunday services, we offer a complete Pre-school through 12th grade Christian education program?