Shouldn’t it be easy to make friends and build great relationships around faith? We believe everyone in watertown should have the chance to experience a circle of friends that they can really share their life with as they grow in faith. That’s why we offer group environments for adults of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re single, married, serving at ft. drum, or lived here your whole life, there’s a group for you!

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A great place to get started making connections in the church, whether you’re new to the church, or you’re just ready to build some stronger ties in the church community.

Connect is a weekly, cafe-style event where we present a short, “TED-talk”-style message followed by conversation questions.  Seated at cafe tables of 6-8, you’ll be invited to share any thoughts and experiences you may have around the night’s message, with a table leader at each table to guide the conversation.  Requests for prayer are always welcome, and table leaders close the night out with prayer.

Often times, “tables” at Connect will start to “gel” so well, they decide to form their own Connect Groups. This is great, but not required.  A person can come to Connect for as long as they like.

Connect is held Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:00, in the church cafe area.

Childcare is provided.

Connect Groups

Connect groups are small groups of adults committed to meeting together weekly.  They discover the truths Jesus uncovered for us, and encourage each other to live out their full potential as sons and daughters of God.

Connect groups are more than just “bible study”.  Though they definitely walk through Jesus’s principles together, they’re also looking for ways to serve each other, serve the community, encourage each other’s faith, and build strong relationships.

Groups are often hosted in local homes in the Watertown area, but may meet at the church building as well.

Short Term Groups

These are groups of adults that meet weekly for anywhere from 6-12 weeks to focus on a specific topic, like marriage or finances.  They are like Connect Groups, just for a shorter season.  Upcoming short-term groups are announced as they become available, and are posted to the church Facebook page.

Our mission is:

“To Know Christ and to Make Him Known”

Faith Fellowship Christian School

Did you know that in addition to Sunday services, we offer a complete Pre-school through 12th grade Christian education program?